Boosting Asset Value through BREEAM In-Use: A Sustainable Investment Perspective

Boosting Asset Value through BREEAM In-Use: A Sustainable Investment Perspective

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate and property management, factors influencing asset value are taking on new dimensions. Beyond location and aesthetics, sustainability has emerged as a powerful driver of value creation. BREEAM In-Use, a globally recognised certification for assessing and improving the environmental performance of existing buildings, is proving to be a game-changer in enhancing asset value. Let’s explore how BREEAM In-Use adds substantial value to properties while fostering a more sustainable future.

Elevating Property Reputation and Appeal

BREEAM In-Use certification elevates a property’s reputation and appeal in a competitive market. Potential buyers, tenants, and investors are increasingly drawn to environmentally conscious properties. A higher BREEAM rating communicates a commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management, making the property stand out and attracting a more discerning clientele.

Mitigating Operational Costs

BREEAM In-Use’s comprehensive assessment evaluates various aspects of a building’s operational efficiency, including energy consumption, water usage, and waste management. By identifying inefficiencies and suggesting improvements, this certification assists property owners in optimising resource utilization. Lower operational costs directly translate into increased profitability, making the property a more attractive investment opportunity.

Future-Proofing Against Regulatory Changes

Environmental regulations are becoming more stringent as governments worldwide focus on combating climate change. Properties adhering to BREEAM In-Use standards are better positioned to meet evolving regulatory requirements. By being proactive in addressing environmental concerns, property owners safeguard their investments against potential penalties and retrofitting expenses.

Enhancing Tenant Satisfaction and Retention

Tenants are increasingly prioritising sustainable and healthy workplaces. BREEAM In-Use’s focus on indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and overall occupant wellbeing aligns with these expectations. Properties that prioritise the health and comfort of occupants experience higher tenant satisfaction and longer lease agreements, contributing to stable rental income.

Attracting Responsible Investment

Responsible investment practices are gaining momentum. BREEAM In-Use certification not only attracts traditional investors but also draws the attention of sustainable and ethical investment funds. These funds seek properties that align with their environmental, social, and governance  criteria, making BREEAM-certified properties a preferred choice for socially responsible investment.

Resale Value and Competitive Advantage

A BREEAM In-Use certification equips property owners with a unique selling proposition. When it comes time to sell, properties with a proven track record of sustainable performance command a higher resale value. This competitive advantage stems from the perception that such properties are less risky, better maintained, and more future-ready.

Supporting Long-Term Asset Appreciation

As society’s focus on sustainability deepens, the value of environmentally responsible properties is projected to appreciate over the long term. BREEAM In-Use certification positions properties at the forefront of this value appreciation curve. Investors who prioritise sustainable assets are likely to see more stable and robust returns on their investments.

Driving Innovation and Adaptation

BREEAM In-Use encourages property owners to explore innovative technologies and strategies to enhance their environmental performance. This drive for innovation not only benefits the certified property but also contributes to the broader real estate industry’s evolution toward more sustainable practices.

In conclusion, BREEAM In-Use isn’t just a certification; it’s an investment in a sustainable future. By aligning with BREEAM In-Use principles, property owners and investors position their assets for long-term growth, enhanced marketability, and positive impact on the environment and society. As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, BREEAM In-Use stands as a catalyst, transforming buildings into investments that not only appreciate financially but also contribute positively to the planet and society.

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