What is BREEAM AP and how can it benefit your project?

BREEAM is an internationally recognised method for assessing a building’s environmental performance. It can be used to assess the sustainability of new construction projects, refurbs and fit outs, and buildings already in use.

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C80 Solutions is pleased to add BREEAM AP (BREEAM Advisory Professional) to the list of BREEAM services we are able to offer following the successful completion of the BREEAM AP (Design & Site) qualification by our Energy Consultant & BREEAM Assessor Harry Hinchliffe.

What is BREEAM AP?

The BREEAM AP qualification was developed in response to calls from the construction industry for a qualification that recognises specialist skills in sustainability and environmental design combined with a high level of competence in the BREEAM assessment process.

BREEAM APs provide the design team with expert advice on built environment sustainability, environmental design and environmental assessment, helping the team to achieve the desired BREEAM rating.

Benefits of Using a BREEAM AP in Your Project

Not anyone can become a BREEAM AP so when you appoint one for your project you can be sure you are bringing someone with demonstrable expertise onboard.

Your chosen BREEAM AP will be able to use their knowledge to support your project with timely and successful scheme related target setting, optimise project performance cost-effectively and obtain maximum value from the investment in and application of BREEAM.

Engaging a BREEAM AP at an early stage in your project can allow you to claim up to three BREEAM credits. To claim these credits, the BREEAM AP needs to be engaged from the early design stages and have input throughout.

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