C80 Consultant gains certification from the Institute of Acoustics

Environmental Noise Testing

Jonathon Hill, C80’s Energy and Sustainability Consultant has been awarded the Certificate of Competence in Environmental Noise Measurement.

The course of study, which is delivered by Leeds Beckett University examines the areas of noise concepts and propagation, instrumentation for environmental noise measurement, environmental noise indices and measurement methodology. Legislation and codes of practice surrounding noise from road, rail and air traffic, mineral extraction, planning and construction are also a core part of the course. Whilst some of the course is classroom-based, students must also be assessed in their ability to undertake onsite noise measurement testing and demonstrate that they can produce an accurate report of their findings. The qualification is awarded after the successful completion of a 2-and-a-half-hour exam.

This new certification supports Jonathon’s recent completion of the Building Acoustic measurement qualification and will allow C80 Solutions to broaden its current in-house acoustic testing service. Aided by a competent understanding of planning requirements for new builds, acoustic tests will assess the noise impact of roads, train lines and flight paths in the development of both new and existing dwellings in both the residential and commercial sectors. The resulting reports will help clients make more informed decisions about building design and the selection of appropriate building materials.

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