C80 Solutions teams up with ThermoSphere to launch TalkSAP10

Experts encourage construction to embrace new energy assessment

C80 Solutions has teamed up with electric heating manufacturer, ThermoSphere, to launch TalkSAP10, a new initiative helping the construction sector to understand and embrace a major change in the way energy performance is assessed in residential developments.

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for calculating energy use is being updated with the arrival of SAP 10, which introduces a 55% reduction in the CO2 emissions factor for electricity, reflecting the rapid decarbonisation of the National Grid. It will make electricity the most environmentally friendly and best performing heating method for EPC ratings, causing a significant impact on the way new homes in the UK will be heated.

C80 Solutions is bringing its specialist expertise in energy assessment and Building Compliance to provide advice on the subject via the TalkSAP10 partnership, which offers a comprehensive hub of practical insight, guides, webinars and technical resources covering the new methodology and its impact on the industry. Also providing ThermoSphere’s guidance on the latest electric heating technologies, TalkSAP10 is available to anyone involved with the design or specification of heating in residential construction.

Redefined by SAP 10 as the emerging clean heat of choice, electric heating will play a key role in helping to meet the government’s target of the UK having net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and a reduction of at least 68% in gas emissions by 2030. With plans also in place to prohibit gas boilers in new build homes by 2025, the preferred primary heat sources for developers look set to become heat pumps, electric panel heaters and electric underfloor heating. There could also be an increase in the use of electric boilers with an indirect cylinder for hot water.

Harry Hinchliffe, Energy Consultant and BREEAM Assessor at C80 Solutions, said:

“Carbon reduction is one of the most influential factors shaping the future of construction, and we talk to many companies in the industry that find it challenging to stay up to speed with changing regulations and standards relating to energy efficiency in building. As an energy consultancy, C80 Solutions has examined the proposed changes of SAP 10 and we consider them a welcome addition to the calculation methodology, more accurately representing how buildings perform. As the energy grid continues to become greener, SAP 10 gives developers the opportunity to be more flexible in their design whilst still working towards the government’s carbon reduction targets. TalkSAP10 will help them to achieve that.”

Alistair Bell, Managing Director of ThermoSphere commented:

“The impact that SAP 10 will have on how we heat homes in the future shouldn’t be underestimated. Through this exciting relationship, we are combining our expertise in electric heating with the exceptional energy assessment knowledge of C80 Solutions to create the TalkSAP10 initiative. It’s there to help anyone who is involved with the heating industry navigate through the changes SAP 10 will bring.”

Construction professionals can find out more, join the conversation and register for TalkSAP10 by visiting www.thermosphere.com/talk-sap-10

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