Everything you need to know about SBEM Assessment Levels

If you’re new to the concept of SBEM Calculations, you may be unsure what level of assessment your project requires. SBEM Calculations are a mandatory requirement for any heated, stand-alone, new build commercial building exceeding 50m2 in floor area. Some commercial extension and conversion projects will also require this service.

Certain elements of the building determine the level of SBEM required. For example, if an atrium is present, a level 5 assessment will be required. Ventilation with enhanced thermal coupling to structure and automatic blind control will also require a level 5 assessment.

If night ventilation strategy or demand-controlled ventilation are present to any degree within the building, a level 4 SBEM assessment will be required.

Certain air conditioning system types will also trigger the need for a level 4 assessment:

  • Variable air volume
  • VAV – dual duct
  • VAV – indoor packaged cabinet
  • Fan coil systems – 2, 3 or 4 pipe and changeover or non-changeover
  • Induction systems
  • Constant volume systems (CAV) – fixed or variable fresh air rate
  • Multizone (hot deck/cold deck) systems
  • Constant volume systems – terminal reheat
  • Constant volume systems – dual duct
  • Chilled ceilings or passive chilled beams plus displacement ventilation
  • Active chilled beams
  • Water loop heat pump systems

It is also worth noting that if the SBEM is being carried out as a requirement for the building regulations, for example the building is a new build, then a level 4 assessment will be required.

At C80 Solutions, we have an experienced SBEM team, with calculations already completed for over 3000 buildings to date. If you are unsure what type of assessment you need, our assessors will be happy to help you. Get in touch today to get a quote for your project.

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