SAP 10: New Photographic Evidence Required

The arrival of SAP 10 is drawing closer and we are urging our clients to be prepared for the upcoming changes to the SAP Calculation process. One new requirement that we anticipate will need some adjustment is the photographic evidence that will need to be provided.

Alongside the usual data that is required to complete SAP Calculations, photographic evidence of the following will be needed:

  • Image of each thermal junction type
  • Insulation levels & type
  • Ventilation systems
  • Main & secondary heating and control
  • Low and zero carbon (LZC) technologies

The introduction of this requirement aims to address the performance gap between design intent and actual performance. In practice, we are not yet sure how this will be managed.

In the run up to SAP 10 you can expect to see more posts from us about the upcoming changes you need to be aware of.

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