Environmental Noise Assessment

What is an Environmental Noise Assessment?

An Environmental Noise Assessment (sometimes referred to as a Noise Impact Assessment) may be required during the planning stages of a development to assess the potential impact of noise on new or existing developments close to proposed new works. The results from the assessments will aid designers in ensuring that any project – whether it be a transport system, residential or leisure development – is appropriately sited to minimize noise problems.

Environmental Noise Assessments are divided into a number of different categories, dependent on whether they are to assist with new planning applications or are to assess existing noise levels. The range of assessments C80 currently offer are:

  • Calculation of Road Traffic Noise (CTRN)
  • Calculation of Railway Noise (CRN)
  • CTRN and CRN planning Guidance for New Housing Developments (ProPG)
  • Industrial and Commercial Sound (BS 4142:2014)
  • Noise from Mineral Extraction
  • Construction Noise (BS 5228)
  • Wind Farm Noise (BS 4142)
  • Neighbour Noise Assessment
  • Entertainment Noise Assessmen

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When is the best time to get an Environmental Noise Assessment?

Depending on your required service, assessments can be done at a variety of stages. The key assessments for proposed new developments such as CTRN or CRN should be done at the planning stage as the results could influence the layout of the dwellings on the site.

Assessments for new industrial and commercial builds can also be done at planning stages as the noise from the units can affect planning. If an industrial unit is being extended or developed, the assessments should again be carried out at planning stage.

Further assessments are available to measure existing noise to ascertain whether it is of a level that is acceptable in the location of the assessment.

Why choose C80 Solutions for your Environmental Noise Assessment?

  • C80 Solutions has a wealth of experience in the residential and commercial sectors of the construction industry. We are in the best position to offer a variety of energy solutions in a professional, reliable and cost-effective manner.

  • Our professional, helpful and approachable team of consultants are highly experienced in their fields. We are always on hand to offer advice and provide invaluable assistance throughout the design and build of any construction project.

  • Our lead Sound Engineer has 7 years’ experience within the construction sector, successfully assisting a vast array of organisations – large and small – through what can be perceived as a minefield in building compliance. This experience has proven invaluable to our clients and has given them the confidence to work with us on an ongoing, long-term basis.

  • Our straightforward and no-nonsense approach in managing projects is seen as a breath of fresh air by many of our clients. We are able to give our customers an in-depth understanding of the procedures and can speed up lengthy processes by being at the height of our game.  At C80 we put our clients first, deliver promptly, reduce hassle and always aim to lower the costs of your building project.


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We will reduce your build costs by adopting the ‘Fabric First’ philosophy to remove the need for expensive renewable technologies. We carry out a complimentary specification review on every single project to see where we can reduce your costs.

All our compliance services come with a 100% pass guarantee. We will never charge you for assessments that don’t pass. We will always provide free guidance to achieve a pass in the cheapest way possible.

We operate a common sense approach to building compliance. Our team comes from a background in volume house building, Architecture and Engineering. We understand all the time, cost and hassle constraints involved in construction.

We can provide a 24 hour turnaround on services when required. Also, we will produce your new build EPCs on the same day as receiving the air test result. 

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