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The BREEAM New construction standards is an assessment methodology, designed to deliver assurance and validation that a newly built asset is high-performing and sustainable.

The certification is recognised worldwide and consists of an assessment process which identifies an asset’s quality, and environmental and social impact. Buildings must meet standards required to gain credits as each target is reached.

What we do...

We work with you on a consultancy level to help you achieve your required BREAAM grade for all types of new buildings. 

We offer a fast, easy and cost-effective service, offering economy to scale, due to completing many requirements in-house. 

Our dedicated BREEAM assessors are all registered and licensed by BRE. We also have an in-house BREEAM AP (Advisory Professional) on the team.

We encourage people to get in touch with us as early as possible, as the earlier you contact us, the more potential credits there will be available to you.

BREEAM AP -making a difference to your ratings

A BREEAM Advisory Professional (BREEAM AP) is an advisor who has a high level of competence and understanding of BREEAM and it’s assessment processes. You can gain up to three extra credits when our BREEAM AP is employed from the early design stages and has wide-ranging input throughout.

The extra three credits can make a big difference to your ratings and maximise your project’s chances of gaining high scores throughout the assessment.

How we work

Our assessor will help guide the production of evidence needed to prove compliance with the targeted credits, with as minimal impact on the design of the building to ensure a smooth process.

The statement is submitted to BRE for their QA process and an interim design stage certificate is awarded

When construction is completed, we conduct a site visit to establish that the construction meets the commitments made at the design stage.

We assess the building and strategise with the Design Team to find the easiest, cheapest, most appropriate way to meet the required BREEAM level.

A validation statement is produced for each individual credit awarded, with an explanation of the evidence present.

A further validation statement is submitted to BRE as each stage is completed and credits are awarded for each target reached, until the development is fully assessed.

A final BREEAM Assessment report is produced for submission to BRE.

Benefits of BREEAM New construction

Contributing to Environmental, Social and Governance goals

Decreasing operational costs

Increasing the value of the developement

Reducing environmental impact

Supporting pathways to net zero

Improving the economic and social value of the asset

One assessment for numerous sustainability outcomes

Third-party confirmation of asset performance and sustainability

Why choose C80 Solutions for BREEAM New construction?

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