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One of the UK’s leading providers of SBEM calculations, with over 20 years’ combined experience producing SBEM calculations for new built commercial buildings, extensions and conversion projects. 

We can help you with your commercial SBEM calculations and tick the Part L box from start to finish. 

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With our network of assessors nationwide, we can perform your SBEM calculations assessment within 5 days and often sooner with our 24-hour service when required.


We have performed SBEM calculations for over 2000 buildings to date and our extensive experience makes the process as smooth and easy as possible. 

Cost effective

We constantly benchmark our prices to offer the most cost-effective air tightness testing services. 

How it works

An SBEM assessment is desk-based and a site visit isn’t usually necessary. 

Complete the Design Stage SBEM calculations.

Complete the As Built SBEM calculations and EPC.

We review your plans and specification and make recommendations.

Provide guidance to achieve a pass (if required).

Supply all documents to meet your deadlines.

Meet our qualified SBEM Assessors

Our SBEM Assessors are qualified Level 4 or 5 energy assessors and come from a certification background to ensure you receive a service that goes above and beyond simply completing your SBEM assessment. 

Joe Mountain

Dan Chadwick

Sanha Iqbal

Why Use C80 Solutions for your SBEM calculations?

We have performed SBEM calculations for over 3000 buildings to date – with a 100% pass rate.

We have over 20 years combined experience producing SBEM calculations.

We always aim to reduce your build costs by providing guidance on the most cost effective way to achieve a pass.

We never charge for SBEM calculations that fail and will always provide guidance to achieve a pass.

We are able to provide a ’24 hour turnaround’ service on urgent projects (subject to a fee).

SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) is a software which calculates the monthly energy use and carbon dioxide emissions of a commercial new build. 

It is used to demonstrate compliance with Part L2 of Building Regulations. SBEM calcs are a mandatory requirement for any heated new build commercial building exceeding 50m2 in floor area. 

  • Design Stage – Building Control require a Design Stage SBEM Calculation to be submitted with your Building Regulations Application. Without the SBEM Calculation, Building Control will not allow the project to start on site. 
  • As-built Stage – Building Control require an As-built Stage SBEM Calculation and EPC when the building is completed. Without this information it is unlikely that the building will achieve final Building Control approval.

Pricing will vary depending on size and complexity of the project. 

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