Dynamic Simulation and Thermal Modelling

One of the UK’s leading providers of Dynamic Simulation Modelling, with over 20 years’ combined experience producing thermal models for both commercial and residential developments.

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What is Thermal Modelling?

Thermal Modelling involves taking designs and building specifications, representing them in a 3-dimensional model and running a year-long simulation to provide detailed results. 

The year-long simulations are undertaken on a room-by-room basis to calculate the building performance which can then be used for the analysis of the building. 

This is done with Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) using actual weather and solar data for the building’s specific location which is orientation accurate. A multitude of details are input into the software including, but not limited to, building fabric, mechanical and electrical services, zonal activities, occupancy periods and HVAC schedules. 

This provides the ability to compare the simulated results against project specific criteria designed to limit overheating. 

Dynamic Simulation and Thermal Modelling Services we offer:

Therrnal background

How it works

Produce accurate 3D building model of the building using industry leading DSM software

Provide accurate results and guidance on the project specific area of analysis

We review plans and specification

Carry out detailed analysis by running various simulations over a period of time

Supply reports/calculations to meet project deadlines

What are the benefits of DSM and what can it be used for?

Thermal Modelling can be used to produce and accurately investigate the following building characteristics: 

Why use C80 Solutions for Thermal Modelling? 

Trained and accredited consultants using industry leading software 

Provide a range of design-based building analysis all in one piece of software 

We can help improve the energy efficiency of the building’s design and reduce energy costs 

Our services range from pure building compliance right through to optimising the building’s performance 

We provide coverage nationally

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